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Fun Events 4 You

PO Box 113 Orange Springs Florida 32182 Phone: 352-450-3697

Take your party or event to the next level!
Fun Events 4 You currently offers interactive games (laser tag, The Gauntlet, etc.), arcade games (mobile video gaming and table games), carnival games (ring toss, ladder ball, etc.), water fun (water tag, water slides, etc.), inflatables, themed parties (stuff-a-zoo party, R/C car racing party, movie night party, etc.), photo favors, concessions and more.

Call (352) 450-3697

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Inflatables will make your next party or event kid friendly!
  • Inflatable Bunkers
  • Inflatable Bunker Rentals
  • Have your own event idea but do not have the bunkers to pull it off.  We rent out our inflatable bunkers for your enjoyment.  We offer paintball grade bunkers and Laser Battle grade bunkers.
Sumo Bumpzee’s:  Two people at a time get their bumpzee on and when the horn sounds they keep bumping into each other until one of them is bumped out of the play area.
Free 4 All:  Up to six people at a time get in the Bumpzee’s and keep blasting into each other until time expires or they quit from exhaustion.
Roller Ball:  For the little ones.  They get inside and get rolled around by another person in all directions until they can’t take it anymore or at least until the person pushing cannot take it anymore.
Soccer Bumpzee’s:  No need to worry about any handballs in this game.  Exactly as the game is named, play soccer while wearing the Bumpzee’s.  Full contact 3 on 3 game until time expires.  Winner is of course the team with the most goals.  See if you can handle it!!!
Inflatable Human Size Bowling
  • This is a 30 foot long Inflatable Bowling Alley with six 5 foot tall bowling pins and a 6 foot tall inflated bowling ball.
  • One way to play is to get together with your guests and actually keep score.  You take turns getting inside the ball and roll yourself down the alley trying to get a strike.  If not you try and pick up the spare.
  • Another way to play is to just keep taking turns and having a blast watching the other people become a human bowling ball.
  • This game can be played with either balls you get inflated inside of or with our Bumpzee’s.
Hamster Ball Racing
  • Get inside and run for your life.  The 2 hamster balls will be inflated with you and you competitor inside.  When the horn sounds you start running or at least attempt to run back and forth from one end of the track to the other trying to beat your opponent.  Winners will go onto the next round until we only have 1 person left.
Inflatable Slides
  • We offer to inflatable slides for rent.
  • One is a wet/dry slide with a pool at the end as an option.
  • The other is a dry slide.
  • They are both 16’ tall.
Bounce House
  • We have 4 bounce houses to choose from.
  • 14’x14’ Castle
  • Two 15’x15’ Boys Bounce houses
  • 15’x15’ Girls Bounce House
Mobile Water Tag
  • Like the Laser Tag this is an extremely fun game, but more geared for the smaller children.  We bring the Water Tag guns, vests, water refilling stations and obstacles for your children to play.  The basic concept of the game is the children form teams and then shoot water at each other’s vests.  Once that vest fills with water that player is eliminated and so on until there is only one player left.  Whatever team the remaining player is on becomes the winning team.
  • There are variations of this game if the children don’t want to form teams or are too young to play team.  Last Man Standing allows them to just shoot at anyone and the last child standing would ultimately become the winner of that game.
Water Walking Ball
  • Be inflated inside one of our 6 ½ feet round water walking balls and see if you can stand up.  It’s not as easy as you may think.  This can be done in your pool or in a pond or lake.  We will tether you to the perimeter so you have no chance of floating away.
Inflatable Water Slide
  • We offer a 16′ tall wet/dry slide with a pool at the end.
Dunk Tank
  • Dunk Tanks have been delighting crowds for years. The concept of dunking the boss at the company picnic, or dunking the local celebrity at a fundraiser has become an American pastime.
  • Our dunk tank is on a trailer and can be towed by just about any vehicle with a hitch and a 2” ball. You can come and pick it up or we can deliver it for you.
  • It sets up in about 2 minutes without any tools and all you need to do after that is fill it up and wait for the fun to begin!!!
The Gauntlet
  • One team navigates through several obstacles while avoiding being hit by the opposing team blasting plastic balls or tennis balls at them with air cannons.  At the same time the team being pelted with the balls is trying to score points by throwing return balls at the opposing teams net.  Winning team is determined by a combination of points and time elapsed from start to finish.
Mobile Laser Battle (Outdoor or Indoor)
  • Mobile Laser Tag is an exciting, fun and action packed activity for all ages.  Don’t let the name Laser Tag mislead you…there are no lasers being shot.  This technology is similar to your media remote control.  Unlike paintball, our guns release no projectiles so they are safe and, best of all, there is no mess to clean up afterward.  Our games include Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Kill the King and many more.
  • The versatility of our system allows us to work indoors and outdoors.
  • As many as 16 participants can play at one time with a variety of different games to choose from.
  • We can accommodate as many guests as you need us to.
  • Each game averages about 12 minutes allowing us to rotate players in and out quickly.
  • There is no bodily contact therefore reducing any chance of injury.
  • We have a variety of bunkers to choose from for all ages and price points.
  • This service can be done as a rental only with you running the games.
  • Please ask for more information.
Mobile Video Gaming
  • Inside Your Location:  Yes, it is exactly what it says it is.  We bring everything you need to accommodate as many as 16 people playing X-Box 360 games.  You can also choose a combination of X-Box 360’s, Wii game systems and Playstation3.  We offer a huge selection of games to choose from to suit everyone.
  • The game systems are setup and linked together with no internet connection (using aLAN) and are played on 40” HD TV’s.
  • You do nothing but provide us with the necessary space and a power outlet.  We do the rest.  If there is no power available, for an additional charge we will provide a generator.
  • Inside Our 26’ Enclosed Trailer:  Our media trailer has the ability to play up to 10 HDTV’s at once.  We can accommodate up to 30 people playing video games at a time with different systems.  We can even play Kinect for the Xbox360 outside.  The inside of the trailer is air conditioned with a 13,500 BTU unit.  There can also be a Photo Booth hooked up in the front corner for an additional fee.
Arcade Style Table Games
Arcade Style Tables
  • Pool Table: We offer a pool table for rent either by the day, week, or month.
  • Air Hockey: We have a choice of 2 air hockey tables for rent either by the day, week, or month.
  • Ping Pong Table: We offer a ping pong table for rent either by the day, week, or month.
  • Foosball Table: We have a choice of 2 foosball tables for rent by the day, week, or month.
Inflatable Cash Machine
  • Promotional giveaways attract countless numbers of potential customers. This machine can be filled with coupons, fake money, real money, or whatever will float around inside it. Use it to give your guests or customers the opportunity to win prizes or discounts off merchandise during your event.
  • Use for Grand Openings, Banks, Corporate Events, Car Dealers, Promotional, Sales Events, DJ’s, Customer Appreciation, Prize Incentives, etc…
  • This machine is also available as an add-on to one of our other services. What a great way to give your guests another way of gaining some extra party favors.
Carnival Games

Majik Bowl:  2 of them. This is a perfect game for a small child party or as an add on for another party to keep the younger children busy while the other guests are doing their activity.
Ladder Ball:  Toss weighted ropes back and forth at the ladders trying to achieve the highest score possible.
Horseshoes:  The classic game that everybody is familiar with.
Ring Toss:  Toss the rings back and forth at the scoring boxes trying to achieve the highest score possible.
All of these games are available as individual rentals or add-on for any other event.
We offer themed parties for kids, teenagers and adults!

Stuff-A-Zoo Party
  • Children delight in choosing their own new bear or animal friend to stuff with our special charmed fluff.  No sewing skills are required!  Make a wish on a shining star to put inside, and then zip the permanent zipper and Velcro to close the fur over the hidden zipper.  Now we’re off to the adoption station!  They’ll choose the perfect name then; we weigh measure and announce the new friend.  It’s official with personalized birth certificates.
  • This party is perfect for a birthday celebration with a mixed-age guest list.  Great for a Girl Scout or Brownie activity, birthday party, classroom activity, camp activity and more.
  • We can order and prepackage all of the needed animals and supplies for you to take with you for your party or we can even host the event for you.
Foam Dance Party
  • Throw a foam party & experience the latest in interactive fun!!!
  • Using one of the newest and most innovative technology concepts in entertainment we have brought the latest dance craze to North Central Florida.  THE FOAM DANCE PIT!!!!  Previously only found in famous resort locations and upscale dance clubs we are proud to now be able to offer this service to all area bars, nightclubs, and other organizations looking to throw one of the hottest dance parties in town.
  • This service is also available for rent for all kinds of home based parties as well such as Graduation, birthday, sweet sixteen, family gatherings and reunions, etc…
  • Let’s get this party started now! Who says dirty dancing can’t be good clean fun?  Prime Time has created the ultimate foam dance pit.  Great for all kinds of special events, foam dance parties, college events, beach parties, raves bars, night clubs and promotions.  Rent the machine only and fill a dorm room, fraternity house, or any area you like!
  • The foam machine fills the pit with a very robust and safe, non-toxic foam…  (that won’t hurt your eyes or clothing!)…  in about 6 minutes.  GREAT FUN!!!  A very unique experience! 25′ x 25′ area required for inflatable.
  • We can even add a DJ service or a sound system to this!!!
Outside Movie Night
  • Drive-in movies have become increasingly difficult to find in recent years and yet nostalgia remains for watching movies outside in the warm weather.  Luckily, today’s technology makes it possible for us to create this just about anywhere.  This type of party is perfect for a personal family and friends event, a neighborhood get together, business’s providing a night out for their employee’s and family and much more.
  • We provide a 16’x9’ projection screen, the projector, sound system and the movie or movies of your choice on either DVD or Blue Ray.  Another option would be to have Directv playing your favorite shows or special event.
  • We can even provide the concessions for you such as popcorn, hotdogs, drinks, grilling, etc.  Have your guests bring a comfortable chair for themselves and insect repellent.  Prepare to have a wonderful night for yourself and as many of your closest friends and family as you want to invite.
Mobile Tailgate Party
  • Using our mobile media trailer we can offer a mobile tailgate party like no other.  We will theme out the trailer with HDTV’s playing the game or event on one side of the trailer and HDTV’s inside and video game systems playing the same themed games on the other side and inside.  A DirecTV connection is established to achieve this.  Use your imagination to come up with as many different possibilities as possible.
  • Just like outdoor movie night we can offer all concessions for a reasonable price.  We can even offer a Kegerator with the CO2 hookups and tap for a small fee but we cannot provide what you put inside of it.
  • This Mobile Media Trailer is the ultimate Man Cave on wheels!!!
R/C Car Birthday Party With 2 Ways to Play!

1)  R/C Car Racing
You provide:
  • Space and power outlets.
  • We provide and do the following:
  • We bring the cars (Losi Micro T’s), the timing software and the track.
  • We run heat races first to setup the positions for what will become the running order for the mains, which are the qualifying positions.
  • We then run the lowest mains to get a winner from each main so that we can then set up the final race.  The winner of the A-Main(the final race) becomes the champion of that event and will hold bragging rights until the next party or event attended.
  • If this all sounds complicated don’t worry.  We handle everything.  You just have to put your competitive spirit on and have some fun.
2) Free for all
You provide:
  • space and power outlets.
  • We provide and do the following:
  • We bring the cars and the track.
  • We keep the cars in running condition.
  • We make sure the kids are having fun.
  • Basically the kids run the cars on the track just having fun with each other.  It’s ok to run the cars into each other without worrying about breaking them.  They are very durable for their small size.
Photo Booth
  • Our photo booth is great for:
  • Weddings
  • DIY photo booth projects
  • Kid’s parties
  • Business or promotional events
  • Proms, graduations parties, and reunions
  • Birthday parties, holiday parties, or other celebrations
  • Whatever else you can think of
  • Our photo booth makes it easy to create a dynamic party experience.  Your guests will have a blast taking photos while creating memorable keepsakes plainly or with our party props.  All this with an external monitor showing all of the photo being taken at your event and constantly being updated throughout.
  • We have an easy to use full screen Kiosk.  Your guests simply walk up and follow the on screen instructions and have fun.  We offer a variety of different layout options for you and can add backgrounds or overlays to the photos automatically before they are printed.  We can even have all of the photo automatically update the photos to your Facebook, Twitter or email account.  All of the controls are configurable before the event and only what you want available will be options for your guests.
Pocket Flip Books
  • Pocket Flip Books make the best photo flip books with our unique mobile studio at events, parties, promotions, and wedding.
  • Pocket Flip Books is the latest trend in creating personalized flip book party favors at events, weddings, and parties. We provide not only a custom keepsake, but act as party entertainment as well.  Our flip books are the perfect addition to wedding receptions, corporate parties and corporate parties with themes, proms and dances, happy hours, birthday parties, holiday parties, Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs, wedding party favors, and even convention/expo booths.
  • Your guests will think of your event each time they flip through their custom flip book or when they show it to their friends!  We know you want your event to be memorable for your guests. If you’re planning an event, A Little Scene Flip Books can make your event even more memorable and entertaining by adding a little fun.
  • We make the Flip Books by taking a 6 second video of you or your guests having fun in front of a backdrop and then running it through specialty software.  It turns that short video into a 40 page still photo business card size flip book. We sort them out in the proper order and staple them together instantly turning them into a pocket sized motion flip book.
3D Photography and Flip Photography
  • What used to be available to only corporate America we now have made available to the general public.  Best of all it is affordable.
  • The process is complex but can be achieved in a relatively short time-frame.  We use state of the art software and specialty printers with lenses to produce truly remarkable effects.
  • The 3D process starts long before the event date with us creating the 3D backgrounds for you and at the event we take pictures of your guests and insert them into the backgrounds by use of a green screen and specialized software.  Once printed we use attach them to a special lens instantly giving them a 3D photo that will last for years to come.
  • The Flip photo process is different all together.  We take pictures of your guests in front of whatever they want as their backdrop in two or three different poses.  We then take those pictures and run them through specialty software.  They are then printed as one photograph.  We then attach a special lens to the special printed photograph and instantly give them a photo that changes when looked at from different angles.
Flip Photo
  • These do not have to be different photos taken at the event.  We can have you take your pictures before the event and we can make them in advance so you can have these on your guests’ tables as a party favor.
  • These can be made for: product marketing, business cards, mouse pads, any special event.
  • Snap Lab Photo Favors
  • Unmanned Version:  Rent a portable photo lab for your next event.  Let your guests print off those instant memories for their friends and family while still being at the event.  You have a wide choice of fun frames to choose from.  All pictures will be 4”x6” and print in about 15 seconds each.  Choices include limiting the number of photos for a set price or unlimited for a certain amount of time.
  • Manned Version:  Let us take and print the pictures for you.  We walk the entire event and capture the special memories for you and your guests or we can setup a backdrop for your guests to have their pictures taken in front of.  Once captured, we print off the pictures for you and your guests and put them in the fun frames or other novelty item of your choice.  Your guests get to take home instant memories from the event and get to relive the event over and over again.
Airbrush Tattooing
  • Airbrush tattoos are simply the hottest trend in kid’s parties!  Adults love ‘em too.  Come on, admit it, you are at least tempted to jump in line!  What better way to walk on the WILD side, at least it’s temporary.  Go wild, faux wild…  Although you’re Temporary Airbrush Tattoo or, Tat can last up to 2 WEEKS, you can remove it easily!
  • We offer Airbrush Tattooing for your birthday parties, Project Grad, Bachelorette parties, School functions, the list is limitless!
  • We can handle large groups or small.  It only takes 2 or 3 minutes to apply your Tat, and we can handle 20 to 30 Tat’s per hour…  From very young children, to a more mature crowd.  If you book your event early, we can offer customized stencils with your logo, school mascot or insignia!
Airbrush Face Painting
  • This is not your traditional face painting!!!!  Unlike the airbrush tattoos this paint is water based and safe for use on the face.  With the new technologies in paint and stencils we can paint your face in a number of different designs.  These can take a little bit of time due to the nature of the detail involved.
  • Just like the with the airbrush tattooing we can handle large groups of a people and people of all ages.  We can offer this service for birthday parties, School Functions, Festivals, Fairs, just about whatever you can think of.
  • Shaved Ice Machine
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Cotton Candy Machine
Call (352) 450-3697
Offerings subject to change at any time.

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